Archives 2016
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December 25th: Objects/Advent calendar gifts
November 18th: Objects/Museum exhibition shop
November 4th: Objects/Pinboard customization
October 21st: Objects/Decorative vending machines
October 5th: Objects/Pottery Barn Office
September 23rd: Objects/Owl Nursery
September 9th: Objects/Bowling
September 2nd: Objects/Cold Misery - Patch updated objects/Lights (table - ceiling - floor - wall) & single mattress
August 19th: Objects/Summer works
August 12th: Objects/Lunch boxes
July 29th: Objects/Clutter for Freezer - Fix/Gardening Shop trashcan - Add-on/Credit-card machine
July 15th: Objects/IKEA Bathroom
July 8th: Objects/Old Gardening Shop
July 2nd: Objects/Puppet Theater
June 18th: Objects/Restaurant clutter
June 10th: Objects/Dine Out waiter stations
May 27th: Objects/Gym & Sport
May 20th: Objects/Ice-cream stand
May 13th: Objects/Breakfast Clutter
May 6th: Objects/MySims Dolls
April 22nd: Objects/The Body Shop
April 15th: Objects/Grocery
April 8th: Objects/Pizzeria
April 5th: Objects/IKEA-like Rotera candle/lantern
April 1st: Objects/History Challenge - Bronze Age
March 25th: Objects/Easter Chocolates
March 18th: Objects/Skating Mania
March 11th: Objects/Backpacks
February 27th: Objects/Museum of the Sim History
February 20th: Objects/Dance mirror - History Challenge - Prehistoric dollhouse
February 19th: Objects/Slob's Life
February 4th: Objects/History Challenge - Prehistory for kids
January 29th: Objects/History Challenge - Prehistory - Clothes/Prehistory
January 21st: Objects/Cash registers