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What are game mods and why using them?

Game mods are files created by smart players that change the behavior of the game. They can add new possibilities, fix some annoyances or even correct some bugs... They allow you to play the Sims the way you want, and not necessaryly the way EA thought about it.

Once again, I don't pretend here being exhaustive, I'm only listing the mods I am using in my game, because they fit my gameplay. For example, I like my Sims having friends, but I find silly how fast relationships decay, so I'm using a mod to "fix" this, but some of you might find it's all the fun and the challenge of the game. It's all up to you! ;)


So far (it might change with later game updates), game mods installation can be a bit confusing for beginners because there's two possible formats.

  • .package: if, when you open your .zip, you see a .package, it means you can unzip the file and install .package in My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods folder.
    Some .packages need a "unpackedmod" folder located in the Mods folder, so create one and edit the Resource.cfg to add a "DirectoryFiles unpackedmod autoupdate" line to the text.
    If you feel lazy, you can simply download here my Resource.cfg, also edited to allow sub-folders in folders. Unzip in the Mods folder. It will also create the "unpackedmod" folder for you.
  • .zip: if, when you open your .zip, you find some .py and .pyo, then, it means these mods need to be kept as .zip and should be installed in the Mods folder.
Mods for Gameplay

Enable Debug Cheats
, by clown
: That's a super useful mod, enabling "testingcheats on" by default, and from there, it allows you to change of career, to send a Sim in CAS, to cheat with emotions, to reset an object, etc, etc...

Buff Emotion Change, by Zerbu: Change the mood given to the Sims in some situations by more interesting ones.

Teen careers for all ages, by plasticbox: A must-have considering how little choice we have in the base game with careers! This mod will allow adults to work in the teen careers like fast-food, barista, retail...

Shorter/Longer Pregnancy, by MasterDinadan: Makes the pregnancy lasting from 1 to 30 days, depending on the flavour you have downloaded. Even though my Sims won't have babies before we get toddlers, I've already installed that mod because I know I'll need it at some point.

Go to School, by Zerbu: Allows your kids and teens to go to school for real! (works with the Sims 4 expansion pack "Get to Work")

Mods to remove annoyances

No highlight
, by Fogity
: that highlight when you select a Sim annoys me so much in the videos I had seen from the Sims, that I have downloaded that mod even before getting the game! :D

No Blur In The Distance, by Shimrod101: Removes the background blur. It was one of my biggest annoyances and the one of the first mods I've downloaded. Finally, I found the Sims 4 very pretty!

The landscape is too beautiful to be blurred!

Stand Still in CAS
, by Shimrod101
: Prevents the Sims from moving where you're in Create-a-Sim, making the creation much easier, as your Sims don't move while you're pulling their face. It doesn't prevent animations from traits, so it's always possible to see your Sims animated.

No intro, by Simser der Deutschen:> As simple as the title says: no intro at the launch of the game. Enjoy plainly the fast loading!

Indoor Lights Brighter, by kikiwalu: Indoors lights were a bit too dark in the base game. This mod makes them brighter. Maybe a bit too much, but you can still adjust the light intensity in game.

No fade objects, by Shimrod101: Prevents trees and some objects (but not ceiling-lamps) to fade and get invisible in close view.

Weirder Walkstyles disabled, by Shimrod101: As fun as they could be at first, walkstyles get old pretty quickly. This mod replaces them by more subtle ones.

No autonomous hugs, by Tanja1986: Disables the autonomous hugs. These were driving me crazy. Sims, not only friends, but random Sims were always hugging to each other, in my game!

No musical note on flatulence, by upayda: self-explanatory.

More Sims in clubs, by simmythesim: Increases the number of Sims hanging out in bars.

No Fade trees and streetlamps, by fakehousesrealawesome: Prevents trees and street lamps to fade in Live mode.

Original walkstyles can be fun, but get old quickly.

No fatness/No muscles, by scripthoge: Sims gain fat as fast as they gain muscles: ridiculously quick! This mod prevents your Sims body changes.

Reduce Townies Generating, by Shimrod101: if you're fed up to clean all the single Sims constanly added by the game in the Household manager, that mod is for you! SO useful!

No emotion stinger, by Fogity: removes the music when Sims change of emotions.

No mosaic, by moxiemason: removes the mosaic when your Sims use toilets, showers...

Fix for Disappearing Sims, by MasterDinadan: Prevents the game for moving out families.

Mods to make the game easier

BuildBuy Mode unlocker,
by scripthoge: Some objects are locked and you're supposed to achieve goals before being able to use them. This mod lets you using them freely! :p

Coffee gives more energy, by Madame Butterfly: My poor Simmies are often exhausted and I found coffee didn't give them enough boost (not that it acts differently on me...), so this mod saves my Sims lives!

The coffee makers are so pretty that it would be a shame if they weren't more efficient.

Orange Juice Power Ade, by Madame Butterfly: Allows kids to have a boost with orange juice.

Stuff Breaks less easily, by Madame Butterfly: Sinks, TV, showers... if you're fed to make your Sims repair these (that have 67% of risk to break!!!), that mod makes them breaking less often (5, 15 or 30% of risk)

The Relation Decay mod, by mgomez: Sims tend to forget their friends too easily. This mod comes in two flavors: one where the relationship level never changes, and one where you set the % of decay.

Sims tend to lose too fast their relationships with friends.
Where to download mods?

As my list isn't exhaustive, be sure to check these sites to get more mods:

Mod the Sims