Le Buffet Mado, iconic french sideboard

That's the thing when you follow a french creator: you might end up with very frenchie stuff that you hadn't never heard about before! :D As I've been meshing objects for kitchens, it makes me want to draw an iconic piece of furniture: le buffet Mado, a sideboard that has been created in the 30's and that has been very popular in France in the 40-50's. It's now still quite popular on second hand market, with often new designs that make it very contemporary.
I've recreated here some of these cool new designs, I've also used the Tiny House palettes for some, but you'll also find some plain colors and plain woods. I hope this sideboard will be able to find a place in your Sims homes! :)
Le buffet incontournable des années 30 et qu'on retrouve souvent, maintenant, sur le marché de l'occasion ou du recyclage, car avec quelques coups de pinceaux, il peut avoir un look très contemporain.
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Mado Sideboard | Buffet Mado
New mesh in 20 variations designed by Sandy
school chair
Made with:TSR Workshop - Sims 4 Studio
Uploaded the: 2022, June 3rd