Muffin maker | Appareil à muffins
Muffin Maker
The super awesome MunMun made all the coding stuff for this, so all credit goes to her! <3

The expansion "Get to work" is required as the muffin maker will allow Sims to earn baking skill.
The stuff pack "Cool Kitchen" is also required as the muffin maker uses ice-cream maker animations.

La génialissime MunMun a fait tout le code, tout le mérite lui revient! <3

L'expansion "Au travail" est requise car l'appareil à muffin permet à vos sims de gagner des points en pâtisserie.
Le pack d'objets "En cuisine" est également nécessaire car l'appareil à muffins utilise les animations de la sorbetière.

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Made with: TSR Workshop - Sims 4 Studio
Uploaded the: 2017, April 28th
Updated by MunMun the: 2019, September 30th